My-Food-App is a custom-designed Android & IOS food ordering App suitable for all manner of independent food outlets - basically anywhere that sells food to go...

Reclaim Your Customers...

Takeaway portals are only for getting new clients. Afterwards, get your returning clients to order from your own, custom app. RECLAIM your loyal customers and STOP paying 12-25% of each order to takeaway portals or others.

Quit the expensive 12-25% cut from your revenue. Now you can pay a LOW, fixed fee every year. No surprises, always the same price regardless of order volume. So if you own a take-away or restaurant - get in touch!


Go Mobile

UK consumers are forecast to spend £53.6bn a year using their smartphones and tablets by 2024. My-Food-App can connect you to those consumers!


Take Orders

Take orders direct from the App. It really is as simple as that! Orders are sent direct to a compact printer.


Increase Profit

Expand your local customer base and increase customer loyalty by putting your menu on the smartphones of an ever-growing audience.


My-Food-App puts YOU in control...

What is an App?

You've probably heard everyone talking about 'apps' - but what are they? In short, they're a way to perform almost any task on your phone, and in just a few years they've become a phenomenon. 'App' is short for 'application' - which is another name for a computer program. Normally, when people talk about apps they are almost always referring to programs that run on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablet computers.

How does it work?

Once a customer has downloaded your App, an icon featuring your logo will be visible on the screen of their mobile device. They can then open the App and browse your menu at any time, and will be able to select and order items for either collection or delivery (if you offer a delivery service).

How will customers find my App?

There are many ways to promote your App in order to build a strong local customer base. We supply 2,000 attractive leaflets to promote your App, these can be placed on tables, in a shop window, in take-away packaging, etc. You can also promote your app on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We will also supply you with QR Codes so mobile users can simply scan the codes to download your App (these are featured on the leaflets).

Can I update my App?

Yes, your App can easily be updated at any time. This might be to edit the menu, add new items, change prices, alter the delivery radius, opening hours, or any other business details. We are here to help you, we include a free monthly update in most of our packages so all you need to do is send us any changes or updates by email and we'll do it for you.

Can I keep in touch with customers who have downloaded my App?

Yes. There are several ways to do this, and it is one of the most powerful reasons for having a custom App. News items can be posted in your App which will be visible to anyone who has downloaded it. Notifications, i.e. messages and special offers can also be sent out to all users.

What other features will my App include?

Apart from receiving orders, notifying customers of special offers, having access to edit the App and integrating your social media accounts, you might think that is impressive enough - but there are a few other features worth mentioning. We can create custom pages within the App, a booking form for reservations, a location map to help customers find you, and much more.

Do you offer support?

Yes. We're here to help you and we offer ongoing support to ensure that you always get the most from your App.

How soon could my App be ready?

After placing an order with us and providing your business details and menu, we aim to publish your App within three weeks.

Where will people find my App?

Your App will be available to download in two versions; Android, from Google Play Store, and IOS, from iTunes.


The number of smartphone users in the United Kingdom in 2015: 37.8 million.

The forecast number of smartphone users in the United Kingdom in 2017: 43.4 million.

Consumer spending on mobile to top £53 billion by 2024. UK Consumers to spend £53.6bn a year using their smartphones and tablets by 2024. Mobile’s real influence on spending expected to be more than double that, with 42% of all retail sales to involve a mobile device in some way or another.

Sales made through apps now account for a third (33%) of all retail spend on mobiles, despite only 10% of retailers offering one.

According to an IMRG report from February 2015, visits to ecommerce sites via smartphone and tablet devices accounted for 45% of all ecommerce traffic in the UK.

Your mobile app is the new face of your business.

73% of UK shoppers predict they will spend more on mobile this year (2015), and 15% now use mobile as their primary shopping device.

Try our demo App

This is designed to demonstrate how your food-ordering App will function. Please feel free to browse the menu and place an order - and don't worry... no food will turn up at your door!

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